How To Store Your Amiibos

One annoying factor about amiibo figures is having them disorganized throughout the house cluttering your room with boxes and action figures. Well fear not as this article will showcase the 4 best way to store your amiibos.

how to store your amiibos1) Hori Aiiibo Display Case

For only $10 you can display a single figure via Hori Amiibo Display Cases. If you have a few loose out of box figures this is the easiest and probably cheapest route. The case resembles one you would find for baseball collectors who are displaying a signed baseball and this has a similar feel. The only complaint/factor that would make this a much better purchase would be customizable display names you can have at the base of the display case (it bugs me that every single figure says amiibo on it and not the characters name.

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amiibo display on hooks2) Display Them On Hooks

For ITB (In The Box) collectors this is really the only way to go. You can find hooks at any Home Depot or hardware store or can order them online giving you and easy way to keep track of your boxed figures and store them. Also – you can do awesome designs by inserting posters or other memorabilia in the middle of them.

For those of us who live in apartments or have other living arrangements that prohibit putting a bunch of nails in the walls this is not ideal and will have to use another method of storing your figures.

3) Display Casesamiibo display shelf

We have gone over in great detail over at our post on Amiibo Display Cases so head over there to get more info.