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Information About Mewtwo

Mewtwo, the 151st Pokemon, was introduced to the games way back in Generation 1 (the game is currently on its 6th, arguably it’s 7th generation, depending on whether or not you count Black 2 and White 2 as a separate generation). It’s a pure psychic type Pokemon, and since it’s a Legendary (a Pokemon of which only one exists in a single game), it has particularly high stats.

This is interesting enough, from a technical standpoint. However, it’s not the only interesting thing about Mewtwo. For several generations, it shared the unique status of being one of the only two man-made Pokemon (it shared that status with Porygon). It was a genetically created, enhanced clone of the Pokemon Mew, the 151st Pokemon (which was, and still is, only available via special Nintendo events and completely unavailable in the normal game absent the use of hacking devices).

custom mewtwo amiiboThe particularly entertaining thing about Mewtwo is that it was unable to be captured except after the player had already defeated the Elite Four, essentially beating the game. In a way, it was something of a reward for the player. Because it appeared at level 90, and it has naturally high stats, it’s an incredibly powerful Pokemon any way you consider it. This allowed for players to take on the Elite Four multiple other times, each time ripping through the challenge as if it was nothing. Many players felt that this was a great reward!

With the latest generations, Mewtwo is one of the few Pokemon to have multiple Mega-Evolutions, a special form of temporary evolution that allows for an increased power up. One form, Mega Mewtwo X, is a Psychic/Fighting type, which changes the types of attacks it’s strong and weak against but also allows it access to different moves. The other, Mega Mewtwo Y, remains a pure psychic type. Both Mega-Evolutions increase its already impressive stats by quite a bit, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Who knows what the future of Pokemon will bring to the first, and original, Legendary! As far as the rare amiibo figures go – he can’t be beat!

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