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Who Is Mega Man? A History of Custom MegaMan Amiibo Figures

Mega Man is also known as Rockman in Japan. It is a video game that was created by popular publisher Capcom which stars the main character – Mega Man. It was originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System which came out in 1987. This release began an extended series that saw over 50 different game releases on various video game consoles/systems over a long period of time. In fact, by March of 2015, the series alone had sold over 30 million copies throughout the entire world. For this reason, it is often considered as one of the best video game franchises to ever be released.

In the original story behind the series, Mega Man is actually an android that is named Rock and was created as a lab assistant to the scientist known as Dr. Light. Following circumstances, Rock was then converted into a battle robot that was meant to defend the world from Dr. Wily who was sending off various robotic threats. This is when he became what is today known as Mega Man.

Throughout the series, many different games feature various different stories. However, they all share various common features that have made it one of the most consistently celebrated franchises in gaming history. All of the Mega Man games that have been released prior to 1997 are actually side scrolling 2D platformers. The main character that is playable is known as Mega Man and the player must fight through various levels using all kinds of variation of the cannon that is attached to his arm. The object is to shoot the robots that come in his way. There are various bosses that Mega Man comes up against and he must utilize different tactics to defeat each of them as they all have their own specific weakness.