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About Link

The Legend of Zelda is one of the oldest and most beloved franchises from Nintendo. This makes a number of people want to know about the history of the game, the setting and the background.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. The story changes every game, because every game is a new incarnation of the story. Link, Gannon, and Zelda are the same characters in each game, but they’re also different.

How does that work? In the setting, when the world was created, the three Goddesses used their powers. Nayru was the Goddess of Wisdom, Din was the Goddess of Power, and Faorore was the Goddess of Courage. They created the Triforce, in order to help grant balance to the land.

link custom amiiboThey also placed their power into humans, again in order to ensure balance. So every generation, the reincarnation of Courage, Wisdom, and Power battle to see how the land will go in the future. Sometimes Gannon, the Incarnation of Power, wins and the land is put into a thousand years of darkness. Sometimes Zelda, the Incarnation of Wisdom, wins and there is a thousand years of peace and prosperity.

And sometimes the Hero, Link, the Incarnation of Courage, wins and there is a thousand years of struggling prosperity and danger that can be overcome, if only one is stout of heart.