What Characters Will The Sixth Wave Of Amiibo Include?

Do you want to get into collecting nintendo amiibo figures, or do you already? Then you’ll want to learn about the sixth wave of figures. You can pick the characters you like the most to add to your collection, or can pick them all up!

Bowser Junior

Yes, there is a young Bowser and he’s one part evil and one part cute! Get this version of Bowser Junior representing the way he looks in the new Super Smash Bros games for the Wii U and 3DS!

Dr. Mario

custom+amiibo_4Mario played a doctor in the game Dr. Mario amiibo, and it was a great title where you matched pills to viruses to remove them. He’s holding a pill and wearing a doctor outfit, making this a great tribute to the doctor that was in a very well known puzzle game for the NES. There are now versions out for the 3DS that add new twists to the concept!

Duck Hunt

Remember the dog from Duck Hunt? Now he has his own amiibo, and with him is a bird from the game. While he was laughing at you before, you can now use him to fight others on Smash Bros, or you can beat him up for all of the years of laughing!


The main baddie from some of the Legend of Zelda titles, this menacing figure has struck terror into the hearts of many gamers. You can now get this amiibo and train your own Ganondorf up to play in AI fights with your Smash Bros game for Wii U or the 3DS!

Mr. Game And Watch And Mr. Game And Watch’s Multiple Poses

When Nintendo was first starting to get into electronic games, they released LCD games that featured the Mr. Game and Watch characters. These mostly looked like primitive Nintendo dual screen systems and featured fun games where you did things like try to tame a lion or bounce people leaping from a burning building.


Pikmin was a great game that started becoming popular back on the Gamecube. You basically led around a bunch of creatures to complete tasks, and he’s back in Smash Bros to try and compete with all of the other great fighters that are from great Nintendo classics!

R.O.B.(Japan and International versions)

R.O.B. was a robot that came packaged with NES consoles, and you could use him with games. He would stack items and do other actions as you played a game, making him an interactive experience that a lot of people really got a kick out of back then!

Zero Suit Samus

This is the iconic female alien fighter from the Metroid games. She’s featured in a different suit where you can actually see her figure and face. She’s in the Smash Bros games and able to hold her own against a barrage of new and returning characters!

This has been a look at the sixth wave of amiibo that Nintendo has released. These iconic characters are sure to make your collection that much more interesting. Pick out the best, or collect them all. It may also be wise for you to find out what games they work with so you can get the ones that unlock content that you will have fun with.