Custom Charizard Amiibo

Charizard has been one the most popular pokemon characters for 20 years now. It comes as no surprise that custom Charizard amiibo figures are some of the most sough out after. See below for some of the best fan made charizard amiibo figures from Etsy crafters. Charizard Amiibo Custom Re-c… PeachyCustoms $45 Charizard custom amiibo. […]

What Characters Will The Sixth Wave Of Amiibo Include?

Do you want to get into collecting nintendo amiibo figures, or do you already? Then you’ll want to learn about the sixth wave of figures. You can pick the characters you like the most to add to your collection, or can pick them all up! Bowser Junior Yes, there is a young Bowser and he’s […]

Custom Samus Amiibo

Custom Samus Amiibo Figures 2015 Amiibo Custom Zero Suit… ArtistEvilos $89.99 Custom Zero Suit Samus Amiib… QuesterDesigns $20 Samus Aran – Custom Amiibo w… GrinningFoxCus… $75 Custom Amiibo – Zero Suit Sa… akshop08 $50 Custom Amiibo – Zero Suit Sa… akshop08 $40 Dark zero suit samus amiibo Ausiibo $30 Cosmic Samus NintendoNerd4H… $45 Custom Nintendo […]

How To Store Your Amiibos

One annoying factor about amiibo figures is having them disorganized throughout the house cluttering your room with boxes and action figures. Well fear not as this article will showcase the 4 best way to store your amiibos. 1) Hori Aiiibo Display Case For only $10 you can display a single figure via Hori Amiibo Display […]

Custom Lucario Amiibos

Custom Lucario Amiibo Figures Custom Lucario amiibo amiiboart $50 Mega lucario custom Amiibo GeekAndArtsy $70 Sir Aaron’s Lucario Amii… Chibisilverwin… $45 Lucario Clay/Metal Smoking P… LuapLand $30 Black and grey Lucario custo… NintendoNerd4H… $50 Alternate Lucario custom Ami… NintendorkCorn… $25 Lucario with Fighting Staff. amiiboShop $30 Custom Nintendo Amiibo – Anu… ComplexCustomi… $45.95  

Custom Mario Amiibos

Custom Mario Amiibos For many Nintendo fanatics such as myself they can pinpoint the first time they ever played a nintendo system (for me it was around 1990) and it forever changed my life. Mario is arguably the first Nintendo characters (many will say Donkey Kong is) so it is fitting that custom mario amiibo […]