Custom Charizard Amiibo

Charizard has been one the most popular pokemon characters for 20 years now. It comes as no surprise that custom Charizard amiibo figures are some of the most sough out after. See below for some of the best fan made charizard amiibo figures from Etsy crafters. Charizard Amiibo Custom Re-c… PeachyCustoms $45 Charizard custom amiibo. […]

Custom Shulk Amiibo

Shulk is one of the more popular amiibo figures coming from the game Xenoblade Chronicles 3d. By far one of the most difficult to find in stores amiibos from the Super Smash Bros line custom Shulk amiibos can be more expensive than some of the more common figures. On the amiibo rarity chart Shulk comes in […]

Custom Inkling Amiibo

The amiibo inkling three pack from the game Splatoon was one of the most difficult amiibo’s to find in stores when it was first released. I remember standing in line at Target and getting this and Silver Mario and the person behind me going ballistic because I got the last Splatoon amiibo three pack. Anyway […]

Custom Ness Amiibo

Ness Amiibo Mushroom and Bat… Chibisilverwin… $60 Vault Ness Custom Amiibo NintendorkCorn… $30 Custom amiibo – Ness Smash B… ZanarkandSky $35 Pokemon Trainer News Custom … Sai257Customs $45   Share this:

Custom Sanic Amiibo

Sanic is a meme character based off Sonic The Hedgehog. Because of the humorous nature many people love Sanic and showing off their custom sanic figure. Sanic was created in late 2010 when an unpopular youtube channel made a video on how to draw sonic but accidentally misspelled the word as “Sanic.” The hilariously poor […]

How To Use Amiibo Figures For WiiU & 3ds

Amiibo figures are Nintendo’s answer to Skylanders, a popular “toys to life” phenomenon which uses toys that can be scanned into a video game currently being played sf database. This unlocks additional content, usually along the lines of being able to access the character being scanned within the gameplay itself buy cialis. To get started, you’ll need at least […]

Princess Peach Custom Amiibo

Amiibo custom Pink Gold Peac… PeachyCustoms $40 Custom amiibo – Midna (Twili… ZanarkandSky $60 Princess Peach “Peachy&… jilatosgrotto $35 Custom princess peach Ausiibo $30 Amiibo Custom Princess Peach… PeachyCustoms $50 Custom Amiibo Nurse Peach, g… PeachyCustoms $50 Custom amiibo – Dark Princes… ZanarkandSky $40 Custom Amiibo – Handpainted … SideRealArts $29.99 Share this:

Custom Sonic Amiibo Figures

Knuckles custom amiibo Sonic WeAreHungryGho… $60 Amiibo Custom Shadow or Silv… PeachyCustoms $40 Sonic Amiibo Custom Commissi… CustomKT $27 Custom Sonichu Amiibo Figure… CwcvilleShoppi… $50 Cosmic Sonic NintendoNerd4H… $45 Custom Flocked Sonic the Hed… LadyTankStudio… $50 Sonic Amiibo custom Darkspin… PeachyCustoms $35 Custom Rosechu Amiibo Figure… CwcvilleShoppi… $50 Share this:

What Characters Will The Sixth Wave Of Amiibo Include?

Do you want to get into collecting nintendo amiibo figures, or do you already? Then you’ll want to learn about the sixth wave of figures. You can pick the characters you like the most to add to your collection, or can pick them all up! Bowser Junior Yes, there is a young Bowser and he’s […]

Top Custom Amiibo Figures 2016

According to Bloomberg in 2015 over 2 ½ million amiibos were sold and 2016 looks to be an even bigger year. While stock amiibo figures will always have a place in the heart of collectors, more and more hunters are stocking up their amiibo collections with custom amiibo figures. Why Purchase Custom Amiibo Figures? Many […]