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Collecting Amiibos – Why Collect?

The world of digital gaming has created a large space for innovation and creativity to take flight on our screens and consoles. However, these advancements in technology might be fun, but the older generation will tell you that it isn’t nearly as much fun as playing games in real life with other people.

Luckily, the smart people at Nintendo have realized this and this is how Amiibos were born. They bring you the best of both worlds by making use of a digital console, but by also incorporating a physical element to the package. Amiibos were destined to make your game-play more realistic and fun as you play with other people around the world. Show off to the world with your own amiibo display case stands!

People have gone a whole different step further and they have created their own Amiibos that you can paint and craft yourself. This gives the gameplay a higher level of personal interaction and you get to play with something that you made yourself! Here are other reasons why you should rather opt for a custom made Amiibo instead!

Choosing The Materials

When you make your own amiibo figure or have an artists create it – the possibilities are endless! Choosing your own materials will also allow you to get a peek into the lives of other players and how they make their own Amiibos. Be sure to choose the correct paints, paintbrushes, and type of materials once you have decided on them.

You can have fun while making them

Seriously, what is better than teaching your younger sibling how to paint a Mario Amiibo the same way as the ones you buy in store? The joy on their faces will be priceless when they realise how easy it is to recreate well-loved favorites. You will also be able to get to know your character on a whole different level and see features you haven’t seen on their exterior before. Maybe theirs is a reason why Mario has a red shirt, who knows? It could lead to you improving your game style in the long run, plus it’s a great hobby to get involved in.

You can get involved with the Amiibo community

The internet is full of people who customize their Amiibos and post it online. Some even go as far as selling them. You will also have the chance to interact with others who pursue the art of creating Amiibos and you’ll have easier access to those rare finds you never seem to pick up in stores. features some of the best rare Amiibos made by this fast-growing community and you can pick up those hard-to-find ones. The possibilities truly are endless when you do it yourself.

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Pokemon Trainer Amiibo

Pokemon Custom Amiibo Figure

Pokemon Custom Amiibo Figure

Which Amiibos Will Be Most Rare in 2016?

As we all know – certain Amiibo Figures are harder to obtain. One big problem is that Nintendo doesn’t create a ton of them on a regular basis. Then re-sellers tend to buy up what megaman amiibothey can find so that nobody has access to them unless they pay a high price for them from the resellers online pharmacy. It’s kind of a pain to get the ones that you want if there aren’t a lot made, but to remedy this if Nintendo were to re release some of the more rare ones it would make them all cheap again online pharmacy.

Mega Man has an amiibo and it has a legendary status when it comes to rarity. To buy it right now you’re looking at close to $40 brand new. Now that the Mega Man Legacy Collection for 3DS is out and you can use this amiibo to unlock some of the content, it’s a little more in demand. There is also a gold version of this one that you can get with the collector’s edition of the 3DS Legacy Collection game that can unlock the content too, and comes out to be the same price with the game as the regular amiibo of Mega Man.

several hard to find amiiibosThe characters from the Fire Emblem series have rare amiibos that are difficult to find due to the fact that not many were made. It is speculated that when some figures come out, they are not in demand so not many are made. This just causes people to want them even more. Lucina and Robin are two game characters with amiibo from Fire Emblem that you should be on the lookout for.

Quick List Of Even More Rare Amiibo!

  •  Bowser Junior
  •  Ness
  • Wario
  • DeDeDe
  • Wii Fit Trainer

Passing over the hardest to find amiibos is not a good idea. If you are a collector, then you know that the rare ones are worth more than you will pay for them new. You should check local stores prior to buying online in case there are some around that would otherwise cost you a lot more

7 Interesting Facts About Nintendo Amiibo Figures

Do you want to learn about Nintendo amiibo and facts about them you may not have known before? There are quite a few great stories and interesting tidbits of information surrounding them. Make sure you check this information out and see if you learn something new!

custom link amiibo adventuretime1. In Japan, Link has sold better than Mario when you look at the sales for the amiibo there. This is strange because Mario related games have been much more popular overall.

2. Nintendo was about to work with the Skylander franchise prior to it being very popular, but they ended up getting out of the deal much to their regret!

3. When Target was selling Golden Mario amiibo, they ran out of them in just 15 minutes at every location. Talk about hard to get, only those that were really lucky got their hands on one! If you want to collect anything that is coming out only in one store or is going to rare for some other reason, mark your calendar with the exact date and time when what you want to get is released to help you buy it before they all are gone.

4. There was a truck in the UK that got stolen carrying the special edition of the Splatoon amiibo. The Squid figure was in this truck and it was pretty much the only way for people to get it so because of this robbery until they release another it won’t be that easy to get.

5. Nintendo may have backed out of the deal with Skylanders, but now they own more of the toys related to video games market. It would be a shame if they didn’t work on amiibo because they were working on those, since people love these classic and new video game character figures so much more!

6. Prototype amiibo figures have been seen online being sold. The only way they got out into the wild is by an employee stealing them by smuggling them out. Once it was found that a Mii Sword Fighter version of amiibo wasn’t released yet but someone had put it online!

7. The maker of Disney Infinity, a toy line like amiibo, has said that Nintendo is not responsible in the way they handle the shortages. He says it’s rude to fans and most would say that is a true statement. It’s very difficult to get your hands on some of the figures for a fair price because scalpers will buy a ton when they come out and then collectively drive up the price. What was around $12 at the store then becomes $50-$100 and then some depending on the figure, and that make collecting a pain for some.